fredag 21. august 2009

tirsdag 4. august 2009

Be nice to your feet. They might just not take you where you`d like to go if you are not.

Tuesday. In Greek it means the third day, in Russian the second day of the week.
In the US, elections are usually held on a Tuesday.
In Old English it would spell out like Tíwesdæg. Pretty isn`t it..?
Tuesdays do have some good TV shows on though, right?

I wish it was Thursday night. Or Friday at lunch around 2. Or maybe even 12.August. 
Anything is better than Tuesday or Wednesday this week.

More sunshine. Less rain. More activities. Less calories. More laughter. Less frustration.
More money. Less bills. Adventures, less everyday life.

Wishes for a rainy Tuesday night :)

søndag 2. august 2009

Another sunday

I really don`t like sundays...!

Anyways, I was wondering why all the cop cars were out tonight, and after reading about the shooting, I sort of knew why..  I really live in the middle of everything now.. 
Not the type of `everything` one would enjoy living in though?!

Who figured that a program on the history of scars would be a good thing to air on a late sunday night? Thanks MTV.. Thanks a lot.. 

I might just brush my teeth and go to bed :)